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Pattison K9 Rescue Haiti


The Pattison K9 Rescue Team left for Haiti on Tuesday January 19th to aid in animal relief. CANDi International was a major player in getting the team down there, as their affiliation with Air Transat enabled the team to get on a flight to Punta Cana. At this time, with not really knowing what they will be faced against, the team is going down to have their skills and manpower used as needed and directed. 

January 19th- pm
The Team arrived safely in Punta Cana late Tuesday night. They are spending the night there and hope to have more knowledge in the morning as to the situation they will be facing.

January 20th
This morning, Brad was in touch with Vice - President, Marcos Polanco, of Sodopreca. Sodopreca is an organization based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, whose mission is to use all legal means and strategies within their reach to bring thier country to recognize and respect the rights of animals.

The Team is waiting to hire a driver and van that will take them to Jimali, a town near the Haitian boarder. They will camp there tonight and hope to convoy into Haiti early Thursday morning alongside Sodopreca.

January 21st
With a catastrophe such as what has happened in Haiti, understandably it is very difficult to know what is going to happen day to day net alone, hour to hour. With all intentions to end up in Jimali last night, the team was only able to get as far as Santo Domingo, the capital of Domincan Republic.

Today, January 21, happens to be a National Holiday - Our Lady of Altagracia Day, therefore they have not been able find anyone who will continue to drive the team closer to the border and renting a car is not an option, as controllers at the border are not letting any rental vehicles accross.

The plan right now, and of course subject to change, is to leave early Friday morning with a convoy and head towards Port au Prince.

January 22nd
The team left Santo Domingo this morning at 6:00 am in a bus and are heading to Port au Prince. They are with Marcos and his team from Sodopreca. At this time we do not know what the communication will be like, but knowing Brad, he will find a way!

January 23rd
Word from Brad that they arrived safely in Port au Prince yesterday and they spent the night at the Canadian Embassy. They are uncertain as to what today will bring and where there help will be needed.

January 24th
With not knowing the full extent of the devestation until the team arrived in Port au Prince, it became clear that the need for animal rescue in that paticular area was not what the team was anticipating.
Saturday night the team served dinner to over 300 Haitians through the doors of the Canadian Embassy. At 2:00am, the team then chaperoned 24 orphans, ranging from 18months to 14 years, on an Air Canada flight that had headed down on a humanitarian mission carrying medical and other supplies.
To be continued... and with pictures...

A warm thank you to:

CANDi International
Air Transat
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Carla R
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Brad walking on destroyed building - Port au Prince
View from inside the Canadian Embassy- Port au Prince