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Season VI's opener, 'Cajun's Last Hope' won AMPIA's (Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards) Best Lifestyle Series for 2010.

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March 31, 2011

In case you can't catch the Premiere of my new show, PUPPY SOS, be sure to set your PVR's to Slice Network's channel on Wednesday April 6th, 9pm (EST) 

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Enjoy the show!!


people and dogs

the previous owner of our adopted dog says...emma doenst like the rain....OMG...emma walks evryday in the rain and loves it....I know who didnt like the has helped all the dog owners to understand life thru a dogs eyes....not yours...dogs all percieve thier owners emotions...just like children do. amazing and thank you

Greatest show to understanding dogs

Thank you all for a great show...I just adopted a Havanese 7yr old....great dog but no socialization with other dogs....Brads advise? We take her to the dog park every days later , we told the previuos owner...She stated that, "I cannot believe that...You guys are miracle worker's!"

I told her no, that the show and Brad really help us understand the need for socialization and exposure to other dogs....there are instances at the park but fewer and fewer,,,,

I help the other dog owners by explaing to them, that dogs are dogs they have relationships too..

When a pack of dogs interact at the is actually fascinating to watch the interaction...

There is a lot of noise,poising and show offs...its all just one really gets hurt.

Some are dominate, some submissive, some confused,some scared and a bevy of other emotions.

Eventually they all learn to get along...our dog now watches other dogs play and sometimes joins in....

They are just like children...raise them well...and you will have a great dog.

Cheers!! Brad and everyone behind the show

Randy , Cloverdale BC

type of terrier?

On the home page where there is Brad's tips. Tip #2 called "sit" has a beautiful terrier, can anyone tell me the breed?

The terrier you see there is

The terrier you see there is an Irish Terrier and her name is Bisco