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I have a 2 year old rescue from South America. She is 3/4 whippet and 1/4 lab. She is super smart. I have put her in an obedience class where she did well at both class and socializing. When I am with her she is up for any new experience, learns fast and loves to meet and greet all. At home she is very nervous around strangers if I am not around. I am a physician and take her with me to the 'home' when I go for conferences, but can't take her to work. I would like her to be able to spend time with, say my adult children.who know dogs, and be able to respond to their commands as well. I use the play-ground equipment to give her new challenges and take her where ever I can. Will anything else help or is it just patience. She had a history of snapping, and using the house for a bathroom. She has NEVER done this with me. I correct her when she needs it, but never raise my voice etc. I have dealt with abused dogs before, but never one that was this badly abused. Any more hints?  Thanks

I am thrilled to read your note about the issues you are having. One of the very first things I request from clients is to dismiss certain words. Rescue, Abused, Beaten. These words set an under lying tone for people to fail themselves and the dog. When people are introduced to a dog who has any of these descriptive words immediately people feel pity. Your statement in the first line about being super smart does not mesh with some of the later wording. This causes ownership of the dog to become inconsistent.
I understand your request and desire to have your dog listen to others, but in many cases, most dogs from any breed will prefer to ignore such request because the dog sees no value in the stranger having control of them. Not all dogs want to be with multiple people. When I assess dogs for compatibility with children, adults and others, it is quit interesting to see how the dog will choose to be with a certain type of person. Your dog may say that your adult children are of no value hence the dog not acknowledging them. If no bond is built between the two parties then the dog may never enjoy or want to be with them.
Some theories say to use food but I do not agree with this method because the dog has the final say in whether or not it wants to stay for food or say I will leave. The big picture to this is that the dog has the control, the person and food reward have nothing.
My recommendation is to have everyone participate in the umbilical exercises and create a learning environment that is exciting and filled with opportunities for the person managing the dog to be the leader in the movement.

Sounds like your dog needs a smart owner and even smarter participants. The dog has one for sure... now to get the others on board.