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Season VI's opener, 'Cajun's Last Hope' won AMPIA's (Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards) Best Lifestyle Series for 2010.

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The Hustle Up™ School for Dog Trainers is based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. It is here where we plan out and organize future Brad Pattison Certified Trainer Educator and 6Legs to Fitness™ Instructor courses.

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After studying and working with dogs for over 20 years, I have come across several different training tools, whether it be collars, leashes, training manuals or classes. I have put them all to the test, finding out their durability, effectiveness and sensibility.

Being a Trainer, Dog Behaviourist and Host of a television series, I have to be confident in the products I use. Hence, the Hustle Up™ leashes and collars are the only leashes and collars I will use and permit my clients to use.

As I can't reach all of you on a one on one basis, I have written a book, Synergy, to help guide you and give you the necessary tools to establish your position in your pack. In my Shop, Synergy is currently available as an e-book, which is a downloadable book onto your computer. It is available in hardcopy through and

For the young dog lovers out there, I have created a course through the Dog Babysitting e-book which will give tools to properly baby sit a dog and earn some money at the same time! This will be available shortly.

All these products compliment each other and when used correctly and consistently, will create a much stronger bond between you and 'Your Best Friend'.

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