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Season VI's opener, 'Cajun's Last Hope' won AMPIA's (Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards) Best Lifestyle Series for 2010.

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The Hustle Up™ School for Dog Trainers is based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. It is here where we plan out and organize future Brad Pattison Certified Trainer Educator and 6Legs to Fitness™ Instructor courses.

Pattison Team

Brad Pattison
Daniela Sodero
Carrie Rottaris
Harvey Smith

Brad Pattison

About 20 years ago, Brad's dog at the time was stolen from his backyard while he was at work. Devastated, Brad wanted to find a way to give dogs a safer environment and to diminish the chance of owners having to go through the same thing as he.
Thus, he created the first Doggy Day Care, which was in Vancouver, which allowed owners peace of mind while they were at work.

At that time, he had a Border Collie/Blue Heeler cross, named Dez. She would come to work with him and help out with the other dogs. Brad became fascinated with the interactions with the dogs and watching the different personalities come out. He began studying their movements and how Dez would discipline unruly dogs. He watched how the elderly dogs were respected, as were the Alpha dogs, with Dez being THE  Alpha. He observed that when a dog was disciplined, it would only take one time for that discipline and then the dog would not repeat that same action. It was quick and effective.

Brad started to question some of the dog training techniques out there and started to develop similar techniques as the Alpha dogs.

He noticed how the Alpha dogs did not give treats to the younger students and wondered why we humans give treats when a dog does something that is simply expected.

Brad continued his studies and observations through dogs, wolves and coyotes and noticed similar attributes... they communicate primarily through body language and they have expectations of their pups.

With that, he started to implement strong body movement along with little verbal communication to the dogs. With the success and clear turn around with many of the behavior problems that clients were expressing, Brad started up his Street Safety Training classes.

All of his classes were held outdoors. Why train indoors when dogs usually get killed outside? Lets put the owners and the dogs in real life situations and give them tools to cope with these situations and lets create a real bond with our little buddies. That was Brad's way of thinking.

During this time, he had a dream to create a television show and express these findings and work with families who were under distress but need not be.

12 years later, "At The End of My Leash" was picked up and is currently airing in 35+ countries and has filmed 6 seasons, 78 episodes.

Other works that Brad has been involved in include:

-Heading up a team of Certified Trainer Educators to head down to New Orleans for canine rescue help in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

-Creator of 6Legs to Fitness™, Brad took a team of Fitness and Martial Arts Instructors to South Africa to certify instructors. This course is designed to get owner and dog active outside. Animal Planet came to Calgary to film one of Brad's classes and aired as one of their clips of what's new and happening.

-In 2008, at the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards, “At The End of My Leash” won 4 out of 5 nominations including Best Series and Best Host.

-The show was also nominated at the 2008 Gemini Awards.

-In 2010 Brad filmed the first season of his new TV show "Puppy SOS", which aired on the Slice Network.

Now based in Kelowna, Brad has opened a school to train people to become Certified Trainer Educators. To date, over 80 Certified Trainer Educators have been certified and offer their services across Canada and even in the USA! 


Daniela Sodero
Alpha Female

A native Calgarian, Daniela’s first career path was that of a ballet dancer which began at the age of 4. Dedicated to ballet, Daniela began her professional career with Alberta Ballet, which lasted 8 years. After having traveled throughout Canada, the United States and China, Daniela retired as a dancer and took her experiences and passions to teaching, choreographing and then directing a small dance company.

In 2005, Daniela met Brad Pattison, now host of Slice Networks popular television show ‘At The End of My Leash’, through the training of her then 9 week old dog, Rudy.

Brad’s passion for his work inspired Daniela to make a career move and she began to work for him.

Later in that year, Daniela organized and oversaw the Pattison Canine Rescue Team for Hurricane Katrina relief in New Orleans.

In 2006, she worked Season 2 and 3 of the television show ‘At The End of My Leash’ as the Dog Wrangler.

With Rudy having been taught by Brad’s now passed on dogs, Dez and Max, Rudy has taken on a large role with these teachings to other dogs and appears frequently alongside Brad as he works with many families.

Both Daniela and Rudy have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of dogs from 9lb Minpins to 180lb Bullmastiffs…. Never in the wildest dreams of a Sugar Plum Fairy!

In the fall of 2008, Daniela headed over to Johannesburg, South Africa, with Kurt Pattison to do a pilot project with Brad Pattison's, 6Legs to Fitness™. Upon the success of this project she then returned to South Africa with Kurt and Brad to certify 5 Instructors and is now head of the 6Legs to Fitness™ division.



Carrie Rottaris
BPCTE Course Instructor
Eastern Canada 
I have worked in the animal field for over 10 years.  The first day I started Brad’s CTE course, I knew I wanted to teach people to become CTE’s because of the remarkable teachers and mentors that taught me and I have worked hard pursuing my goal. Growing my own dog training business and becoming a teacher assistant for the instructors have helped me grow and learn and prepare me to join the BPCTE team as an instructor.  I am happy to say I am fulfilling my dream now working with an awesome team, educating owners and teaching students. I love giving the quality of education and care my teachers have given me. 

Harvey Smith
Product and Sales

I never knew how awesome a relationship between a man and his dog could be until I met Brad.  I had a total of 6 dogs growing up but never really understood any of them.  My first dog was hit by a car, 3 had to be sent to a shelter or farms due to behavioral issues, and 2 managed to die of natural causes.  By the time a 6 month old Rottweiler came into my life, I thought I was ready to be a great dog owner.  Three days after Jackson came to live with me, my roommates gave me an ultimatum, either I get Jackson under control or we could find a new place to live.

I knew enough about dog trainers to know that your results varied greatly depending on the trainer.  I also knew that I needed to find a strong and confident trainer to deal with Jackson's stubborn and manipulative personality.  At the time I was managing a very busy restaurant in downtown Calgary and was talking to a staff member about my issues with Jackson and my search for a trainer.  Another staff member, who happened to be Brad's hair dresser at the time, overheard me and convinced me to give Brad a call.  I took Jackson for a one on one consultation and was blown away by how well Brad understood dogs.  I learned more about my dog in one session than I had my entire life.  I immediately went home and got my roommates on board with the training.  They were initially skeptical but after attending a session with Brad, were fully supportive of their role in Jackson's transformation.  Brad taught me to understand what Jackson was trying to communicate to me and how to speak his language.  Also, due to the time constraints with my job, I was rarely able to make Brad's group classes, but that didn't matter to Brad.  He was willing to meet me at any time to work with Jackson.  Many times we were out in a field well past midnight, laughing, telling stories and doing all these crazy things that my dog absolutely loved.  I never had so much fun training a dog and the change in Jackson was unbelievable, my roommates thought he was an entirely different animal.  Through the years, Jackson and I have developed an incredible bond of mutual respect and admiration.  A few years later when my wife Andrea came in to the picture, it was amazing to see the bond they developed and how protective he is of her.  I have no worries when they walk the seawall in Stanley Park or stroll along Spanish Banks after dark.

After 14 years of managing restaurants, I decided to take Brad's offer to join team Pattison and work with product sales, development and distribution.  It has been an amazing career and lifestyle change for me.  I look forward to working with Brad's team in creating high quality products and education as we break down barriers and dispel the various myths created by the pet industry.  It is my personal goal that all dog owners experience that secret canine bond, unleashed.