No time to go to the gym and walk your dog?
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Season VI's opener, 'Cajun's Last Hope' won AMPIA's (Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards) Best Lifestyle Series for 2010.

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    I have been watching your show for about a year now, and I feel the need to thank you.  I not only thank you for tips that I have applied, allowing me to deal with having a "pack", which is new to me, but also for all the dogs who no doubt have had a second chance on a happy life, just because their owners watched your show.  I myself have three dogs and they are all rescue dogs. Raider 14, Dez 3, Casey 6.  I have a long hard battle regaining trust and loyalty, but always refused to give up.  After seeing your show I realized that I had the right ideas they just needed to be fine tuned.  You have helped to make it even easier to be proud of my "pack".  Thanks from all of your two legged and four legged fans!:)
-Helena M.

  Hello Brad,
I have been watching At The End of My Leash for a bit now. I love your no nonsense approch and it has helped me a great deal in my job as a pet sitter.
 As you can imagine I have walked many different dogs from very well behaved dogs to down right rude ones! For the latter I have used your tips and techniques to make our outings a little more pleasant.
It's amazing to me how pet owners with rude dogs hire a pet sitter to deal with these dogs when they can't seem (or want)to train them. I have had many a wild walk!
Thanks again and I look forward to one day attending one of your seminars.



I watch your show all of the time & think that your hard nose, straight forward take on dog training is a fantastic way to help families out. I own a small dog & have taken much of your advice regarding the teaching of who is Alpha.
Keep it up, you are making a difference in many lives, both on & off the air.
-Steve R.


  I wish there was someone like Brad 20 years ago when my family owned our first dog.  We had an aggressive, overweight and possessive cocker spaniel who spent most of her life alone due to her behaviour.  If I had the knowledge that he now teaches, I am sure things would have been very different if Brad was on t.v. back then.

I now have a dog of my own and with all the information I have learned from Brad's show, books, class etc., among others, I have a near perfect dog.  He is social, NOT aggressive over toys or food.  He is not even interested in human food at all!  Brad even used him during my session to demonstrate how to do the umbilical - Brad dropped the food he was eating on the ground and all the dogs but my Fynn looked towards and tried to get to it.  Fynn was pretty much standing on top of the wrapper and he didn't even take a sniff!  I think that is saying something!  I have been using his umbilical training on walks and my dog rarely pulls now (it's only been 6 days) and my dog is constantly paying attention to me.  My goal when I got a dog was to have a well mannered, well trained dog - I am almost there - very much due to Brad's techniques.

Thank you Brad and the rest of the team!

Joanna T