No time to go to the gym and walk your dog?
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Season VI's opener, 'Cajun's Last Hope' won AMPIA's (Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards) Best Lifestyle Series for 2010.

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The Hustle Up™ School for Dog Trainers is based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. It is here where we plan out and organize future Brad Pattison Certified Trainer Educator and 6Legs to Fitness™ Instructor courses.

What is a BPCTE?

Brad Pattison Certified Trainer Educators (BPCTEs) have all graduated from his 6 week Brad Pattison Certified Trainer Educator Course with a minimum grade of 80%. They are well equipped with knowledge and tools to help dog owners have better control and or bond with their dogs.

One of the many aspects that set our BPCTEs apart from most other 'dog trainers', is the fact that they do not use treats when working with dogs. All BPCTEs are teaching Street Safety Training classes and conducting in-home private sessions in different cities throughout Canada and the US (please note that they are not dog behaviorists).

We currently have over 70 Brad Pattison Certified Trainer Educators (BPCTEs) throughout Canada and one in California who follow Brad’s beliefs and training techniques.

The BPCTEs profiles are published according to the city they live in, and new profiles are added to the website periodically.

To have one of our BPCTEs contact you for either Street Safety or Private sessions, please contact us by filing out the CTE Help form.

All BPCTEs, though trained through Brad Pattison Entertaiment Corp. are not employed by Brad Pattison Entertainment Corp., they own their own businesses and are fully responsible for their own actions. Because of this, Brad Pattison Entertainment Corp. shall not be held responsible in any way for the individual acts of the BPCTEs.

2010 BPCTE Seminar

Street Safety Training

Do you know how to safely cross the street with your dog?
How is your dog’s recall?
Do you repeat your commands?
How about getting your dog’s attention when it is distracted?
Do you know the proper way to go up and down stairs with your dog?
Do you know what sounds or actions trigger your dog?
Have you ever taken your dog downtown, on public transit or how about in a hotel?
Does your dog have patience? ...Do you?
Would you like to have a well-mannered dog?

Street Safety Training classes offer much more than Sit, Stay and Come.  You and your dog will be exposed to REAL LIFE situations. Within these classes, you are given the necessary tools to manage your dog on and off lead, establish your alpha role in your dog’s life, create a true bond between you and your dog; all without the use of treats or other masking tools.

Brad Pattison’s Street Safety Training is powerful, unique, challenging and successful!

Why be confined in a small room or gymnasium when that is not the reality of our world or our dog’s world?

As all classes are held outdoors, be prepared to move! Comfy clothing is a must as well as appropriate footwear. Classes run an hour and a half in length and run throughout the year… rain, snow or shine. The only time class is cancelled is when there is lightning or if it is colder than -15 C with the wind chill, according to The Weather Network.

Classes run for 8 weeks with 2 classes a week for a total of 16 classes. They are held in different locations throughout the city. Our BPCTEs do not do Puppy, Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced classes. Nor do we discriminate against breed, size or the age of a dog. All are welcome.

Private, group training and phone consultations are available, year-round. If you are interested in being put in contact with one of our BPCTEs, please fill out the CTE Help form.